"Radhika Lakhani is an extremely competent, committed, compassionate and client focused family lawyer. She is solution focused and tailors her recommendations to suit the unique needs of her clients while all the while showing integrity and knowing family law and its intricacies. She is highly respected by both the Bar and the Bench!"

- Ilana Tamari, Hons., B.Sc., D.C.S.(Psych), Accredited Family Mediator Acc. FM. (OAFM)

"Radhika Lakhani came highly recommended to me. After my initial consultation with Radhika, I knew that I was in the right hands. She is a true professional; highly intelligent and knowledgeable about family law. Beyond that, however, is a strong woman with great empathy and care. Radhika takes the time, attention and focus to deal with every aspect of my case in a timely and efficient manner. She ensures that I am aware and informed about every detail. She is patient, kind, compassionate and fair; a brilliant lawyer who has earned not only my trust, but also my deepest respect."

"Radhika Lakhani is the most genuine, compassionate and effective lawyer I have met. She will likely suggest a collaborative approach, yet if you are embroiled in a bad situation this powerhouse can “bring it”. She’s brilliant, and will fight for you, and your children. I send my clients to Lakhani Law with absolute confidence that they will be well looked after."

- Andrea Beck, MSW RSW

"I was not having much luck with my previous representation. I felt as though I was explaining my case over and over again with each visit and had a hard time getting timely responses on items. When I started to work with Radhika, I realized that she worked with fewer clients to allow her more time to focus on each case and remember the details for her clients. She also took the time to understand my priority of equal time with my children. Radhika worked with me in a collaborative fashion to bring a favourable conclusion to my divorce. She also accelerated the process which seemed to be dragging on. I have already recommended another person to Radhika and would not hesitate to do so again."

“Hey Radhika… my friend thanked me for sending her to you. She said your support and professional is what she needed at this time. She said “I’m so glad she’s my lawyer”. Her family was very impressed with you as well. She said she really liked you! Thanks for making it such a positive experience! You are clearly very good at what you do.”

"You have the dual gifts of empathy and professionalism - a rare blessing, and one I feel most fortunate to have enjoyed. Thank you :-)"

- Former client, MM.

“Divorce is not an easy process.  I was ready to bull doze everyone in front of me and throw myself off the balcony.  All I have known is that lawyers win and we're there to lose.  There are many lawyers to chose from and I chose Radhika for one simple reason;  Every outcome in this process had to be in the best interest of the children and the family.  No matter how angry I was or how negative I was through my reactions, Radhika always reminded me that we had to do what was in the best interest for the family and the children more specifically. Despite the fall out of a marriage you are still a family.  You will always be mom and dad to your children a divorce should not at any time affect the children.  Radhika always reminded me of this and I thank her so much for keeping me sane throughout my process.”

“Thank you for being such a devoted, superhero lawyer...woman.  [When] I feel like giving up and giving in, you press on, putting me and my kids first in your mind and actions. I acknowledge all the strength, love and light that you are, and I am so grateful for you.”

“Radhika you have been very supportive, and you have always given me the best advice.  I look back on many things you advised on.  At the end of the day I want to walk away believing that I did the right thing for my family.  

Divorce is a humbling experience.  It’s part of a relationship you never want to go through and you help people every day, rescuing them and saving them from bad decisions.  The public always says that lawyers win.  I’ve said this in spite, and I should retract this statement.  I want you to know that I value everything you have done for me; all the time you spent with me in person and on the phone.  Both of you (Radhika & Marina, senior law clerk) have taken time from your families to assist me at some point and for this I am forever grateful.”

“Thank you, Radhika, for everything you have done for my family and I.  I’m truly appreciative of your hard work, wisdom and empathy along the way.   You are a blessing to anyone’s life you may cross paths with.   I hope you realize this!”